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Just In! Amphora Nueva Oils & Vinegars

Just In! Amphora Nueva Oils & Vinegars

Amphora oils and vinegars are all natural with no coloring, thickening, or sugars. The vinegars are naturally sweet and less acidic due to Amphora’s aging process. This allows you to combine the oils and the vinegars in a one-to-one ratio. Salads have never been so easy and full-flavored. And with the oils and vinegars at 10 calories a teaspoon, you can eat as much as you want!

HISTORY: Family owned & operated, Amphora has had a presence in the olive oil oil industry for the past 90 years. They personally source all of their products and never deal with middlemen, so they can offer their products at a great price. These locally, crafted infused oils and aged balsamic vinegars will become a staple in your kitchen. Stop in and check out the selection at The Kitchen today!

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